Liver - human anatomy organs, Liver anatomy just below the diaphragm in the epigastric and hypochondriac regions of the abdomen, is the largest internal organ of the adult human body; the liver.. Lung anatomy: overview, gross anatomy, microscopic anatomy, The anatomy of the respiratory system can be divided into 2 major parts, airway anatomy and lung anatomy. airway anatomy can be further subdivided into the. Female chest muscles anatomy, diagram & function | body maps, The major muscle in the chest is the pectoralis major, which powers movement of the shoulder and keeps your arms connected to your body..

Human heart: anatomy, function & facts, The human heart organ pumps blood body circulatory system.. Human heart – diagram anatomy heart, The heart muscular organ size closed fist functions body’ circulatory pump. takes deoxygenated blood veins . Thorax - wikipedia, The thorax chest ( greek θώραξ thorax "breastplate, cuirass, corslet" latin: thorax) part anatomy humans animals.