September, 2017 - jewish calendar, Today is wed. sep. 13, 2017 | elul 22, 5777 this week's torah reading is nitzavim-vayelech upcoming holiday is rosh hashanah | sep. 20 - sep. 22. Easter 2015 - calendar-12., Easter in 2015 is on sunday, april 5 (first sunday of april). check also the date of easter in 2018 and in the following years.. Jewish calendar - hebrew calendar -, As the last month of the jewish year, elul is traditionaly a time of introspection and stocktaking -- a time to review one's deeds and spiritual progress over the.

Hebrew language - wikipedia, Hebrew alphabet paleo-hebrew alphabet (archaic biblical hebrew) imperial aramaic script (late biblical hebrew). Online biblical calendar | view holy day calendar charts, Online biblical calendar charts based research don roth convenience.. Biblical calendar -, The charts show dates god’ . appointed feasts hebrew calendar . gregorian calendar year 2020..