Number gators (greater , symbols song, The number gators are hungry! this twangy, toe-tapping math song for kids helps explain the concept of the greater than and less than symbols when. Inequality (mathematics) - wikipedia, It does not say that one is greater than the other, the notation a ≤ b means that a is less than or equal to b math strategies.. Comparing number values - jr | , - abcya!, Comparing number values junior is an educational game for kids to practice greater than, less than, and equal drills. count the number of dots in each set and then.

Greater symbols (video) | khan academy, Greater symbols compare numbers expressions. greater symbol >. , 9>7 read '9 greater 7'. . Greater - dads worksheets, Math worksheets greater greater . page links free math worksheets greater problems.. Free math games - greater - softschools., Less greater game online practice preschool, kindergarden 1sr grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade 5th grade.