Christmas stocking | red heart, Red heart® super saver®: -version 1: 1 skein each 368 paddy green a, 316 soft white b and 319 cherry red c -version 2: 1 skein each 387 soft navy a, 332 ranch red b. Little christmas stocking - joyknits, Little christmas stocking; small amounts of red (r), green (g) and blue (b) yarn, or colors of your choice; double-pointed needles to match size of yarn. Http://, .

Retro-style christmas stocking sewing pattern & tutorial, This pattern retro-style christmas stockings simply notable fan favorite!. Knitting pattern central - free christmas knitting pattern, Free, online christmas knitting patterns patterns preceded sign (+) require free registration ( pattern site, knitting pattern. Christmas stocking | red heart, Red heart® holiday: 1 ball 1360 aran/gold , 9090 red/red , 6060 green/green (note: holiday yarn discontinued) double pointed knitting needles.