Fractions - definition, simplification, problems, fraction, Math fraction are numbers that are expressed as the ratio of two numbers. these are primarily used for comparison between parts and the whole.. Decimal & fraction equivalents chart - helpingwithmath., This free, printable chart shows fractions down to 1/64 alongside their decimal equivalents.. Fraction decimal conversion chart, Convert fractions into decimals with this mathematics conversion chart. calculates amounts from 1 to 1/64. free to download and print.

Decimal fraction conversion chart -, Need convert repeating decimal fraction? follow examples: note pattern repeating decimals: 0.22222222 = 2/9. Converting fractions decimals - math fun, To convert fraction decimal manually, follow steps: step 1: find number multiply bottom fraction 10, 100, 1000. Interactive fraction wall - explore fraction, decimals, Visnos interactive html5 fraction wall, interactive white board explore fraction decimals & percentages. learn equivalent fractions..