Fractions - mathwire., Fractions problem solving. students are challenged to solve these problems by drawing pictures rather than using traditional fraction algorithms.. Mixed fractions circle models - flash version, Other methods can be used to arrive at the answer. one method is to see how many units of 6/6 there are in the fraction 23/6. in this case there are 3 groups. Fraction division rectangles - finding ways, I appreciate christopher danielson’s post on common numerator fraction division because it’s important to examine how various algorithms work and how we can help.

Identify fractions circle models - flash version, Circle models show numerator denominator. Mathwire. | template library, Patterns & algebra templates. magic pot workmat students sheet protectors follow- reading , humorous introduction . Free printable fraction bar strips - filefolderfun., Download resource contents: free printable fraction strips designed easy teach children fractions fraction equalities. printables .