Excel formulas: lookups, charts, statistics, pivot tables, Having reviewed basic functions, cell references, and date and time functions, we now dive into some of the more advanced features of microsoft excel. we present. First date current month current year , First and last date of current month or current year in report parameters in ssrs,first date of current month,last date of current month ,first date of current year. Breaking bi: lookup() function tableau, Today, we will talk about the lookup() function in tableau. the lookup() function allows you to find values that exist elsewhere in your table, or not in.

Clustered stacked column bar charts - peltier tech, Excel built- chart types clustered bars, stacked bars. tutorial shows cluster stack bars chart.. https://peltiertech.com/clustered-stacked-column-bar-charts/ Measures – year year percent change – power bi tips, This tutorial variation month month percent change tutorial. specific exploration year year performance born reviewing . https://powerbi.tips/2016/12/measures-year-over-year-percent-change/ Create power bi report finance operations, This tutorial outlines process creating user–friendly data model, reports, dashboards version power bi . https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/unified-operations/dev-itpro/analytics/create-powerbi-report-data