Teaching children vocabulary emotions - naeyc.org, Dice—print drawings of children’s faces representing different emotions. glue the faces and feeling words you want to teach on the six sides of a small box. Free printables activities feelings emotions, Free printables and activities on feelings and learning about how to handle your feelings and emotions. free printables: are even lego mini figure faces!. Make face! learning emotions - printables, Learning about emotions is fun and exciting with this diy toy with changing faces!.

Feeling charts, feelings chart, free behavior charts, Feeling charts great process identifying feelings child open discussion day! check printable feeling stickers. http://www.freeprintablebehaviorcharts.com/feeling_charts.htm Slide 1, Feeling faces “feeling faces important teach children “words” express feelings replace challenging print . http://challengingbehavior.fmhi.usf.edu/do/resources/teaching_tools/toc/folder8/8b_feeling_faces_bw.ppt Feelings chart - behavior charts resources, Free printable feelings charts daily feelings chart. printable feeling chart child feeling faces . http://www.rewardcharts4kids.com/feelings-chart/