Blood glucose log -, Blood glucose log you will need to record your blood sugar levels according to the testing pattern that you and your diabetes educator decide will work for you.. Calculating insulin dose :: diabetes education online, The bolus dose for high blood sugar correction is defined as how much one unit of rapid-acting insulin will drop the blood sugar. generally, to correct a high blood sugar, one unit of insulin is needed to drop the blood glucose by 50 mg/dl. this drop in blood sugar can range from 30-100 mg/dl or more, depending on individual insulin sensitivities, and other circumstances.. Free diabetic log sheets - type 2 diabetes guide, The notes column is for anything that might have affected your blood sugar, these free diabetic log sheets can be modified to suit your situation. for example, if.

032592 eldups log book update lo6 - lilly diabetes, Carbohydrates (carbs). write blood sugar results page marked blood sugar log. include type amount insulin ’ve . carb count page, write amount carbs (grams) ’ve eaten. , eat pasta fruit, jot amount carbs.. 5 free printable blood sugar log templates, A daily diabetic blood sugar log blood glucose levels. log meals including number calories, fats, carbohydrates. log exercise activities. hours times sleep noted.. Blood glucose monitoring systems daily log book, Medication, rest, exercise affect blood sugar. ’ log book: 1 fill date top page. 2 breakfast: testing blood.