Decimals: grocery store math - adding, subtracting, This is an activity for practicing adding, subtracting, ordering, and placing decimals on a number line using the familiar context of money. to use it, you will need. Number: fractions, decimals percentages (nfd - 7 weeks, Number: fractions, decimals and percentages (nfd - 7 weeks) north yorkshire county council in collaboration with archimedes mathematics hub ing. Battleship numberline - gameup - brainpop., In this free online math game, students explore fractions, decimals, and other number concepts by estimating their place on a number line..

Empty number line - -5 math teaching resources, The empty number line visual representation recording sharing students’ thinking strategies process mental computation.. Multiplying number line - homeschool math, This complete lesson grade teaching exercises multiplying number line. students write multiplications match repeated jumps. Decimal number line 0 10 - marked tenths, Printable number line decimals: 0 10 marked tenths..