Islamic calendar resources - yearly table, hijri dates, Islamic calendar resources for muslim with information, table, and important dates. the umm-ul-qura calendar of saudi arabia, as well as global islamic calendar based. Islamic calendar: hijri - gregorian date converter, Islamic calendar: convert hijri to gregorian date and gregorian to hijri date - التقويم الهجري والميلادي , تحويل التاريخ. Date converter - al-islam - islam - resources information, Islam is the true religion from allah. we help mulims by publishing invaluable information on islam in seven languages. we provide islamic resources and news for.

Hijri-gregorian calendar converter download - softpedia, Free download hijri-gregorian calendar converter 1.2 - hijri gregorian calendar add- microsoft excel users convert date. Conversion julian gregorian calendars - wikipedia, Conventions. tables, january 1 day year. gregorian calendar exist october 15, 1582. gregorian dates . Gregorian calendar - wikipedia, The gregorian calendar solar calendar. regular gregorian year consists 365 days, julian calendar, leap year, leap day added february..