Conversion hijri .. (islamic) . . christian, Philosophia islamica. conversion of hijri a.h. (islamic) and a. d. christian (gregorian) dates. century year month day month day year; gregorian. Conversion islamic christian dates - uzh, Coptic calendar to the home-page of the institute of oriental studies at zurich university. this page has been modified last on may 26th 2006. Hijri year - wikipedia, The hijri year (arabic: سَنة هِجْريّة ‎) or era (التقويم الهجري at-taqwīm al-hijrī) is the era used in the islamic lunar calendar, which.

Convert date hijri gregorian / miladi - assabile, About assabile. . website assabile offers qur' recited arabic free reciters. download full quran free. Converting hijri date gregorian date | pc review, Good evening, formula automatically convert hijri date gregorian date: 21/11/1430 11-nov-09 . Iran chamber society: iranian calendar converter, Gregorian calendar gregorian calendar calendar world. modification julian calendar, proposed .