Metric conversion charts - custom metal fabrication, Home > metal fabricating tips & facts > metric conversion charts. metric conversion charts. use the various charts provided below to convert standard us length. General conversion quiz worksheets - math-aids., Select the units you wish to use length. inches and feet inches and yards feet and miles yards and feet yards and miles. weight/mass. tons and pounds ounces and pounds. Conversion factors - cotton guide, Weight kilogramspounds480 lb baleston (metric)1,0002,204.64.593pound0.45361480kilogram12.20460.004593arroba (brazil)1533.0690.0689candy (india)355.627841..

Conversion charts customary units - myteacherpages., Time. 60 seconds = 1 minute. 60 minutes = 1 hour. 24 hours = 1 day. 7 days = 1 week. 12 months = 1 year. 52 weeks = 1 year. 100 years = 1 century . length. 12 inches. Feet meter conversion (ft ), Feet meter conversion (ft ) helps calculate meter foot length metric units, list ft conversion table.. Feet inches measurement calculator | add fractions, Add subtract feet, inches, fractions length measurement calculator easiest calculate imperial metric measurements..