Dune buggy - starfall, Circle the words that have the long u sound, then write each word in the blank to match the picture. tm tm comments welcome at www.starfall.com/feedback 55. Contraction concentration – fun english activities , Use free, fun english activities like ‘contraction concentration’ to teach kids all about contractions!. List contractions - sight words, A contraction shortens words by replacing one or more letters with an apostrophe. many reading curriculums introduce this concept in second grade..

Phonics worksheets (advanced), These printable phonics worksheets students understand letter-sound relationships. skills include: long vowel sounds, short vowel sounds, digraphs. https://www.superteacherworksheets.com/phonics.html Contractions - english worksheets, Neeggaattiivvee iccoonnttrraaccttioonnss word + contraction . http://englishforeveryone.org/PDFs/ContractionsList.pdf There, , ' worksheet - english worksheets, English .org name_____ , , ’ date_____ 1) refer . http://englishforeveryone.org/PDFs/Their,%20there,%20and%20they're.pdf