The constellations - enchanted learning software, A constellation is a group of stars that, when seen from earth, form a pattern. there are 88 constellations.. Hawaiian astronomical society - deepsky atlas, Has home. search. all sky maps. constellations listing. deepsky listings. jay wrathall's messiers. the hawaiian astronomical society storybook and deepsky atlas is a. Star journey: heavens - star chart, View the nighttime sky using national geographic's star chart. see a detailed model of the hubble space telescope.

Constellation list - uw-madison astronomy, Alphabetical listing constellations . andromeda ; antlia ; apus ; aquarius ; aquila ; ara ; aries ; auriga ; bo├Âtes ; caelum ; camelopardalis ; cancer ; canes. Hubblesource: constellation mythological forms, Constellation mythological forms. kind cooperation .. naval observatory' library digitally scanned complete set . The constellations | iau, The constellations origin constellations. people wandered earth, great significance celestial objects sky..