African-american civil rights movement (1954–1968, The african-american civil rights movement was a group of social movements in the united states. their goal was to gain equal rights for african-american people.. Civil rights data - ed, Data maintained by the office for civil rights. includes information about the enrollment of - and educational services to - students in public schools in every state. Civil rights movement - --history., The role of civil rights movement in the history of the united states of america..

Civil rights kids: overview - ducksters: education site, Kids learn history civil rights united states. educational articles teachers, students, schools including civil rights leaders, movements. Homepage - mainedot civil rights, Mainedot civil rights office. mainedot’ civil rights office responsible ensuring compliance federal anti-discrimination, eeo/aa labor. The civil rights act 1964 - civil rights act , President lyndon johnson passage slain president kennedy’ civil rights bill top priority year administration..