Sterilization, abortion, fines: china brutally, Jan. 1 marked a significant cultural shift in china — starting this year, families will be able to have two children. this alters the one-child policy. John holdren, obama' science czar, : forced abortions, John holdren, obama's science czar, says: forced abortions and mass sterilization needed to save the planet book he authored in 1977 advocates for extreme. Sex-selective abortion - wikipedia, Sex-selective abortion is the practice of terminating a pregnancy based upon the predicted sex of the infant. the selective abortion of female fetuses is most common.

Chinese woman husband wanted son dies 4, A mother eastern china tragically passed forced undertake abortions year husband. jianghuai morning news, . Chinese nurse sacked grisly celebrity abortion, A hospital southwestern china fired nurse posting “improper” comments online celebrity abortion scandal, shanghai-based news. Women china - wikipedia, The lives women china significantly changed reforms late qing dynasty, nationalist period, chinese civil war, rise .