An introduction chemistry - thoughtco, Get started learning about the study of matter. these lecture notes, study guides, lab experiments, and example problems can help you understand the building blocks. Pool water volume calculator gallons size charts, Pool water volume in gallons. find fast a chart or use our calculator. above or in-ground formula for oval, round, rectangle & free form swimming pools.. Photographic developer - wikipedia, Chemical composition of developers. for black-and-white photography, the developer typically consists of a mixture of chemical compounds prepared as an aqueous solution..

Substituent - wikipedia, In organic chemistry biochemistry, substituent atom group atoms replaces hydrogen atoms parent chain hydrocarbon. Chemical information sis - nlm sis, Database substances ranging drugs hazardous chemicals, maintained national library medicine, bethesda, maryland.. Alcohol | definition, formula, & facts | britannica., Alcohol: alcohol, class organic compounds hydroxyl groups attached carbon atom alkyl group..