Egyptian cat goddess bastet -, Visit the world of ancient egyptian gods and facts on the egyptian cat goddess bastet. discover fascinating information and facts about bastet the egyptian goddess of. Welcome temple bastet - cat museum san francisco, Welcome to the temple of bastet. the ancient egyptians held cats in the highest esteem, the penalties for injuring or killing a cat were severe.. The eternal cat goddess -, The eternal cat goddess. in egypt she is known as bast, bastet, pasch, ubasti, ba en, aset, ishtar and many other magycal names. she is the goddess of protection.

Photos: queen' cat goddess temple egypt, An ancient temple filled 600 cat statues built goddess bastet queen berenike ii, archaeologists ruins modern-day. Bastet - wikipedia, Bastet goddess ancient egyptian religion, worshiped early 2nd dynasty (2890 bce). bast, goddess warfare egypt, nile. Bastet - cat goddess - moggies, Bast (bastet, pasch, ubasti, ba en aset) - daughter sun god ra, wife ptah, mother mihos, bast ancient egyptian goddess greatly.