Biography - hypnotichaylee., my name is haylee lynn, and i am a well known mistress, hypnodomme, and enchantress. i specialize in erotic hypnosis, female domination, slave. Egyptian gods: sekhmet, Sekhmet is the egyptian goddess of the sun, war, destruction, plagues and healing. she is one of the oldest deities and one of the most powerful. she is a member of. Egpytian gods: serket, Serket is the egyptian goddess of the scorpion. she takes the form of a woman with a scorpion in her head always ready to strike, or a scorpion’s tail with the head.

The cat goddess bast - crystalinks home page, In egyptian mythology, bast ( spelled ubasti, baset, bastet) ancient solar war goddess, worshipped dynasty.. Welcome temple bastet - cat museum san francisco, Welcome temple bastet. ancient egyptians held cats highest esteem, penalties injuring killing cat severe.. Mother sun: goddess Áine ( henge happenings, Torch held high, woman leads procession green hillside fields night á samhraidh. torch stings eyes, .