Computus - wikipedia, Computus (latin for "computation") is a calculation that determines the calendar date of easter. because the date is based on a calendar-dependent equinox rather than. Calendar converter - fourmilab, While any event in recorded human history can be written as a positive julian day number, when working with contemporary events all those digits can be cumbersome.. Calendars - numericana, Chronology & calendars. before universal calendars became dominant, dates were recorded with respect to the beginnings of reigns. recovering a global chronology from.

Julian day - wikipedia, Julian day continuous count days beginning julian period primarily astronomers. julian day number (jdn) integer. Julian date (jd) calculator calendars |, This application assumes gregorian calendar works correctly dates october 15, 1582. julian dates, click .. Converting julian dates gregorian calendar dates, Provides formula examples convert julian gregorian calendar dates. fortran code conversion ..