Representation time digital calendars: argument, Representation of time in digital calendars: an argument for a unified, continuous and multi-granular calendar view ☆. Leap year history: leap day | time, To address the discrepancy between the old roman calendar and the new one, caesar made that first new year 445 days long. it would take decades for the new calendar. Promotional & awareness event calendar, Plan your marketing and promotional efforts with epromos promotional calendars. create marketing tie-ins with our national events calendar and more..

Obliquity ecliptic nutation, J. laskar' formula obliquity case, time variable () table 8is reckoned terms decamillennia $($10000 julian years$)$ j2000.0. Iso 8601 - wikipedia, The standard gregorian calendar, serves international standard civil . iso 8601 fixes reference calendar date gregorian calendar. April fools' day: start? | time, In 16th century, christian world switched julian calendar, introduced julius caesar, gregorian calendar named pope gregory xiii..