African american history timeline: 1801-1900, Year events subject country state era; 1802: the ohio constitution outlaws slavery. it also prohibits free blacks from voting. 01-01: antebellum slavery. Culture & change: black history america | scholastic., A collection of african american history teaching resources from scholastic. includes sites on rosa parks, melba beals pattillo, and famous african american inventors.. Black history month teaching resources | pbs newshour extra, Celebrate black history month in your classroom this february with 17 lesson plans and resources that cover topics ranging from important civil rights anniversaries.

Black history month | reading rockets, February black history month ideal time learn recognize contributions history african americans. gathered great resources. Timeline home page - | black : remembered , African american history timelines: 1492 - 1600; 1601 - 1700; 1701 - 1800; 1801 - 1900; 1901 - 2000; 2001 - african americans west timeline. global african. 10 ideas teaching black history month, © 2013 anti-defamation league page 1 13 current events classroom 10 ideas teaching black history month celebrate commemorate black history month.