August - birthstones., August's birthstone is peridot. the commonly used name for peridot in mineralogy is olivine, due to its green color, but the meaning of the greek derivative peridot. Birthstones: hour, day, month, zodiac, seasons, Birthstones for the hour, day, month, zodiac and seasons. Zodiac birthstones twelve astrology signs , Find your zodiac birthstones: 12 astrology signs with different zodiac stones, crystals or gemstones for each sign. use them to aid you in healing yourself..

Find birthstones interesting facts , A wide variety birthstones website. find interesting historical facts , learn myths . Birthstones chart - modern, mystical, ayurvedic zodiac, Birthstones information pictures, modern birthstones, mystical birthstones, zodiac birthstones, traditional birthstones, talismanic birthstones 11 . March - birthstones., Aquamarine, march' birthstone, latin "water sea." color ranges light blue blue-green, iron..