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2nd grade magic math unit 8: data graphs amy, The magic math unit 8 grade focuses : week 1: bar graphs week 2: pictographs week 3: line plots week 4: word problems included . https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/2nd-Grade-Magic-of-Math-Unit-8-Data-and-Graphs-3043341 Data graphs worksheets kindergarten 7th - pre, Data graphs worksheets kindergarten 7th grades data graphs worksheets kindergarten 7th grades: pie graph, bar graphs, picture graphs. http://www.math4childrenplus.com/topics/data-and-graphs/ 2nd grade math worksheets - pdf - math activities kids, 2nd grade math worksheets practice math topics learnt grade 2. topic links loads grade printable pdf math worksheets children. rich. http://www.mathfox.com/math-activities/2nd-grade/worksheets/