Ingredient conversions | chocolate & zucchini, A handy guide to volume-to-weight ingredient conversions, so you can use any recipe in the world using your preferred measurement system!. Basics glancebasics glance, Recipe abbreviations approx. = approximate tsp or t = teaspoon tbsp or t = tablespoon c= cup pt = pint qt = quart gal = gallon wt = weight oz = ounce lb or # = pound. Cooking measurement conversions - dutchovendude., Convert tablespoons to cups and other cooking measurement conversions.

Measurement conversion charts > start cooking, Americans typically measure ingredients volume, measures weight. quick summery basic cooking. How egg whites cup | egg size equivalents, egg, Egg size equivalent charts helpful baking. correct egg size important recipes exacting measurement requirements, cakes.. Cooking equivalent measurements - american measurements, Cooking equivalent measurements listed charts comparing standard . . measure equivalents united states, metric, imperial (. .) measures..