Muscles - dummies, Back muscles are divided into two specific groups: the extrinsic muscles that are associated with upper extremity and shoulder movement, and the intrinsic muscles. Muscle - wikipedia, Anatomy. the anatomy of muscles includes gross anatomy, which comprises all the muscles of an organism, and microanatomy, which comprises the structures of a single. Supinator anatomy: origin, insertion, action, innervation, Supinator anatomy: origin, insertion, action, innervation and blood supply. agonist and antagonist for each muscle action listed..

Low pain: guide coaches athletes anatomy, The extensive consists muscles run occipitus. musculature, vertebral column.. Muscular system - muscles human body, Human muscular system – muscles human body illustrated explained high detail exploration muscular system anatomy.. Spinal muscles: comprehensive guide - pain, neck, Muscles named shape, location, combination. categorized function flexion, extension, rotation..