Nahuatl language, pronunciation alphabet - omniglot, Details of nahuatl or aztec, an uto-aztecan language spoken mainly in central mexico by about 1.5 million people.. Abkhaz alphabet - wikipedia, The abkhaz alphabet uses letters from the cyrillic script for the abkhaz language which consists of 62 letters. abkhaz did not become a written language until the. Garyjennings., Author's website contains his biographical information, book synopsis, a book review that he wrote, and contact information..

Aztec/nahuatl pronunciation guide, alphabet phonology, Nahuatl pronunciation spelling guide (aztec) nahuatl alphabet page! charts show pronunciation nahuatl orthography . Aztec code - wikipedia, Aztec code type 2d barcode invented andrew longacre, jr. robert hussey 1995. code published aim, . 1997. aztec code. Aztec culture society - crystalinks, Aztec culture society. aztecs pre-columbian mesoamerican people central mexico 14th, 15th 16th centuries. called mexica..