Vo2 max athletes animals - bodytransform., Lance armstrong has been measured at 85, a typical thoroughbred horse can reach 180 ml/kg/min. can you increase your vo2 max? it depends who you are. Vo2 max - wikipedia, Vo2 max is expressed either as an absolute rate in (for example) litres of oxygen per minute (l/min) or as a relative rate in (for example) millilitres of oxygen per kilogram of body mass per minute (e.g., ml/(kg·min)). the latter expression is often used to compare the performance of endurance sports athletes.. "vo2 maximum college athletes" allison legler, The purpose of this study was to evaluate and compare the vo2 max values of college soccer players at the university of new mexico to data available from other.

Who greatest vo2max ? | runner' world, Who greatest vo2max ? beating oxygen bottleneck. leaps mind mention oxygen endurance athletes vo2max:. https://www.runnersworld.com/sweat-science/who-has-the-greatest-vo2max-of-them-all Prevent disease. - vo2 max: fit athlete?, Vo2 max: fit athlete? vo2 max measure fit athlete : expresses volume oxygen body. http://www.preventdisease.com/news/articles/vo2_max_how_fit_athlete.shtml Vo2 max: compare cardio fitness peers., Vo2 max, scientific measure cardio fitness athletes, key health measurement people. reason? research revealed modest. http://www.whyiexercise.com/VO2-Max.html