Greek alphabet | britannica., Greek alphabet: writing system that was developed in greece about 1000 bc. it is the direct or indirect ancestor of all modern european alphabets. derived from the. Ancient greek alphabet facts kids, Greek alphabet. for thousands of years, humans wrote without any letters. they simply drew pictures to make their point. you didn’t have to know a certain language. Greek language, alphabets pronunciation, Details of the greek language and alphabet, and of the history of written greek, a hellenic language spoken mainly in greece and cyprus..

Greek alphabet - ancient scripts, The greeks europeans learn write alphabet, alphabetic writing spread rest europe, eventually leading . Ancient greek/alphabet - wikibooks, open books open, Ancient greek/alphabet. greek alphabet, adopted attica 403 .., contained 24 letters, survives day, , natural languages, sounds letters changed.. The greek alphabet kids - ancient greece kids, The greek alphabet. written language, ancient greeks wrote great including fables myths legends.