Archaeologists find proof ancient bethlehem, The artifact, a bulla, or piece of clay for sealing a document, may prove existence of bethlehem dating back to first temple period.. Bethlehem - wikipedia, Bethlehem; other transcription in ancient hebrew script that reads "from the town of bethlehem to the king," indicating that it was used to seal the string. Bethlehem - explore birthplace jesus christ, Learn all about bethlehem, the birthplace of jesus christ, in centuries past and see its ancient and enduring treasure, the church of the nativity..

Bethlehem (life holy land), A steep ascent leads beit-lahm, “ house flesh,” phonetic accommodation ancient bethlehem, “ house bread.”. Bethlehem | town, west bank | britannica., Bethlehem: bethlehem, town west bank, bible city referred bethlehem ephrathah, bethlehem-judah. ancient settlement,. Bethlehem - bible odyssey, The city bethlehem, ( ancient roman region). note bethlehem located galilee, village .