Archaeologists find proof ancient bethlehem, The artifact, a bulla, or piece of clay for sealing a document, may prove existence of bethlehem dating back to first temple period.. Bethlehem - explore birthplace jesus christ, Learn all about bethlehem, the birthplace of jesus christ, in centuries past and see its ancient and enduring treasure, the church of the nativity..

Bethlehem - wikipedia, Bethlehem; transcription ancient hebrew script reads " town bethlehem king," indicating seal string. Bethlehem (life holy land), Approaching bethlehem. source: earthly footsteps man galilee, p. 26. modern beit-lahm, “house flesh,” sound meaning ancient hebrew beth-lehem, “house bread;” doubtless popular corruption, frequently meets palestine.. Bethlehem | ancient origins, Ancient origins articles related bethlehem sections history, archaeology, human origins, unexplained, artifacts, ancient places myths legends..