Five frame - nctm illuminations, Thinking about numbers using frames of 5 can be a helpful way to learn basic number facts. the four games that can be played with this applet help to develop counting. Adding 7 + 6 (video) | addition 20 | khan academy, Sal adds 7 + 6 using the number line.. Worked : subtracting 3-digit numbers (regrouping, Learn to use regrouping (borrowing) and place value to subtract 971-659.. worksheets - common core sheets, Kcc1 count 100 tens. kcc2 count beginning number sequence ( 1).. Mathematical sequences number patterns - printables, Number sequence - critical thinking mixed number sequence books number pattern book (grade 3) number pattern book (grade 4) number pattern book (grade 5). Grade 7 » introduction | common core state standards, Grade 7 » introduction print page. grade 7, instructional time focus critical areas: (1) developing understanding applying proportional.