Lines, rays, angles - free geometry lesson , This fourth grade geometry lesson teaches the definitions for a line, ray, angle, acute angle, right angle, and obtuse angle. we also study how the size of the angle. Acute, obtuse, angles geometry - math tutor dvd, Lesson summary: in this lesson, you'll learn about the differen types of angles that we will frequently encounter in geometry. we'll learn about acute, obtuse, right. Types angles (examples, solutions, worksheets, videos), Types of angles - right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle, straight angle, reflex angle, full angle, how to classify angles, examples and worksheets with step by step.

Triangle types classifications: isosceles, equilateral, The equilateral triangle shown left equal sides equal angles. angle 60°. Acute, , obtuse, straight angles - grade 4, Practice identifying acute, , obtuse, straight angles.. Right triangles, acute triangles, obtuse triangles, How classify triangles angles: triangles, acute triangles, obtuse triangles, examples step step solutions.