Quia - 50 states capitals & abbreviations, Use this to help you quiz yourself on the states, capitals and abbreviations. match the all capitalized states with the state abbreviations. match the normal typed. Us 50 states abbreviation map | states usa?, There are 50 states in all, forty-eight of which are situated within the mainland. the two other states are alaska, and hawaii, a group of islands in the south pacific seas. the capital of the us is the federal district of washington dc. the head of the federal government is the president. each state is also governed by its state-level government.. List .. state abbreviations - wikipedia, List of u.s. state abbreviations. several sets of codes and abbreviations are used to represent the state: us-vt: vt: 50: vt: vt: vt. vt..

List 50 state abbreviations - yourdictionary, List 50 state abbreviations yourdictionary email task communicating friends family easier, . http://abbreviations.yourdictionary.com/articles/state-abbrev.html List 50 state abbreviations alphabetical order, A list fifty .. state abbreviations. https://alphabetizer.flap.tv/lists/list-of-us-state-abbreviations.php Printable 50 state abbreviations, Printable state abbreviation list. print list 50 state abbreviations wall chart.. http://www.printabledirect.com/list-of-all-50-states-abbreviations-chart.htm