Temperature pressure chart sea level, Temperature refrigerant – (tecumseh code) °f °c 12 (a) 22 (e) 134a (y) 404a (z) 407a 407c (c) 410a (b) 414b/ hot shot 422d/ mo29 438a/ mo99 507 (z). Hvac training - pressure guages pressure, Http://www.hvactrainingsolutions.net hvac training - a short lesson on how our refrigeration gauges relate the a pressure temperature chart. we offer. Comparison -407c -410a -22 10, Purdue university purdue e-pubs international refrigeration and air conditioning conference school of mechanical engineering 1996 comparison of r-407c and r-410a with.

R-410a chiller systems, -410a refrigerant, chillers , R-410a chillers. refrigeration industry dawn monumental evolutionary transformation, whaley products, . stands firm forefront water. http://www.410achiller.com/ Pressure-temperature chart altitude – 5,000 feet , Psig temperature ° light green light blue coral rose teal white refrigerant - (sporlan code) 22 () 134a () 401a () 410a () 507 (p) 717 () 5*-56 -30 -32 -74 -67 -42. http://www.sporlanonline.com/literature/misc/Form1B.pdf Temperature & pressure chart recorders, Temperature pressure measurement precision temperature instruments industrial applications.. http://www.palmerwahl.com/temperature_and_pressure_chart_recorders.php