Pressure temperature charts r410a, r22 r134a, This entry was posted in refrigerant and tagged pt chart, r134a pressure temperature chart, r134a refrigerant, r22 pressure temperature chart, r22 refrigerant, r410a pressure temperature chart, r410a refrigerant on july 3, 2013 by mukta.. Pressure-temperature chart altitude - sporlan online, Psig temperature °f light green light blue coral rose teal white refrigerant - (sporlan code) 22 (v) 134a (j) 401a (x) 410a (z) 507 (p) 717 (a) 5*-56 -30 -32 -74 -67 -42. Residential -, As the highest producer of energy efficiency savings in the residential sector, bpa continues to invest in regional programs and infrastructure to support lighting.

Genetron az-20 -410a genetron -22 pressure, Genetron ® az-20 ® -410a genetron ®-22 pressure –temperaturecha rt honeywell genetron -410a txv indoor sections originally equipped txv. Saturation pressure-temperature data -410a (psig)*, Saturation pressure-temperature data -410a (psig)* pressure pressure pressure pressure. title: p- -410a author: a0019231 created date: 12/13/2011 11:01:30 . Temperature - pressure chart -22, -410a, -407c, , Subject: temperature - pressure chart fyi #289 9/17/2009 -22, -410a, -407c, -134a & -404a refrigerants advantage engineering, .525 east stop 18 road.