Pressure - temperature chart - fluke, Pressure - temperature chart all pressures shown are in psig; red print = vacuum (inches of mercury) °f1222502 134a 401a 401b 402a 404a 408a 409a 410a. Hvac training - pressure guages pressure, Http:// hvac training - a short lesson on how our refrigeration gauges relate the a pressure temperature chart. we offer. R-410a chiller systems, -410a refrigerant, chillers , R-410a chillers. with the refrigeration industry at the dawn of a monumental evolutionary transformation, whaley products, inc. stands firm at the forefront of water.

Temperature & pressure chart recorders, Temperature pressure measurement precision temperature instruments industrial applications.. Pressure-temperature chart, 1 pressure-temperature chart saturated conditions—pressure (psig) suva® suva® °ff reon® suva® suva® suva® 410a 507 suva® 22 123 134a hp62 (9100) (az-50)9 5 °. Temperature pressure chart sea level, Temperature refrigerant – (tecumseh code) ° ° 12 () 22 () 134a () 404a () 407a 407c () 410a () 414b/ hot shot 422d/ mo29 438a/ mo99 507 ().