Area compound shapes lesson mistrym03 - teaching, Three part lesson on finding the area of compound shapes. starter recaps work previously learnt. grade d task and extension questions. mini-plenary and plenary. Lesson 3: office drawing tools 3 office drawing tools, Lesson 3: the office drawing tools 89 in the shapes menu, click on the rectangle shape (fig. 3.9), then hold down the left button of the mouse and drag on the page to. 2d 3d shapes factory game | game | education., Kids sort 2d and 3d shapes in this engaging geometry game..

Unit 11 3- shapes, weight, volume & capacity - , Unit 11 review packet $3.00. visit teacher pay teacher store. click page.. Interactives . 3d shapes . pyramids, 3d shapes pyramids pyramid polyhedron base polygon lateral faces triangles. lesson, concern . Shapes activities, worksheets, printables, lesson plans, Shapes - visual skills visual discrimination: matching shapes match shapes match shapes ( rectangles) visual closure incomplete pictures.